Sugar - Getting it in Perspective

Letís start with the good news. Sugars that occur naturally in foods like those found in fruit and milk are just fine. We donít need to cut back on them.

Itís the sugar thatís added to puddings, cakes, biscuits, sweets, drinks and even some savoury foods like soups and ready meals that food manufacturers and that many of us as individuals need to take stock of, and start winkling out.

Eating sugar-rich foods and drinks between meals can up the chances of getting tooth decay, so limiting those we do have to mealtimes is vital for dental health both as adults and children.

The other reason for getting a grip on our sugar consumption is because foods that contain sugar are often the ones that are rich in fat as well, and as such boost our calorie intakes significantly when we nosh them down.

Cakes, biscuits, puddingsÖall are good examples of foods that often combine sugar with fat to send calories soaring.

Drinks that contain added sugars often add very little other than so called 'empty calories' - in other words you don't get any useful stuff like vitamins and minerals thrown in as well.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these foods and the odd sugary drink from time to time, eating and drinking them everyday with gay abandon is very likely to lead to extra pounds and stones creeping on, which in turn brings with it all the long term health worries like an increased chance of heart disease and type two diabetes.

Just making some small changes in the way we eat on a regular basis and leaving these foods along with sweets and chocolates, honey and syrups as treats rather than daily indulgences will help us to lower our sugar intakes.

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