Food Mood Boosters

Research is beginning to show fascinating links between food and mood and is revealing how what and when we eat and drink can have real and lasting effect on how we feel.

Here are some examples of how you can eat your way to feeling great and get the most from your day.

Slow Release Breakfast
Eating a breakfast of something such as porridge, eggs on toast or fruit salad with yoghurt sprinkled with nuts and seeds are good examples of meals that give a gentle release of energy over the morning ahead. Research shows that this kind of breakfast can help to keep you clear headed, improve your ability to think clearly and keep your mood steady and stable.

Adding a bowl of blueberries to your breakfast menu or having them mid-morning is also a good idea given that a recent study at Reading University has shown that they can boost concentration for up to five hours after eating.

If you are able to focus on a task in hand, the likelihood is that you will feel more ‘together’, satisfied and less stressed.

Scientists say that blueberries effect on mood are likely to come from their ability to actually increase blood flow to our brains.

Dark chocolate
Having a small serving of dark chocolate seems to have similar memory-enhancing effects as eating blueberries, with its benefits lasting for about two hours after chomping on a small amount of dark chocolate.

Scientists say this may be down to super nutrients called flavonoids in the cocoa helping to increase oxygen and nutrients to our brains.

Remember that the key words here are a ‘small’ amount and ‘dark’ chocolate. A few squares mid-afternoon could be just what you need to help you feel ahead of the game until home time.