A Day Out... What Can the Children Eat?

There’s nothing like a day out with the children. Excited, happy and totally up for enjoying themselves, the last thing you want is to be Kill Joy when it gets to lunchtime.

But if you walk into a café or restaurant and all you can see is chips, pizza, cakes and fizzy drinks, you may feel like running straight out again.

Before you do, take a deep breathe and see what else is on offer because often things aren’t as ‘bad’ as they seem at first.

Check out my top ten tips for navigating menus and choosing something that ticks both your boxes, and theirs.

  1. Accept that you may well have to give in to the chips and check out the portion size. If it looks big, then agree to one serving, but divide it between two or three of you. This helps to keep calories and fat in check.
  2. If pizza is also an inevitable option, then always go for the plainest version, which is usually tomato and cheese. Have a slice or two and ‘pad’ this out with some vegetables and a slice of French stick. This helps to cut down on fat but still provide energy.
  3. If your children like baked beans, ask if the place you’re in can do baked beans on toast. Most chefs are happy to whip up something ultra simple like this to keep a customer happy. When served with a glass of orange juice, the energy-boosting iron in the baked beans is made easy to absorb by the vitamin C in the juice.