Boost your metabolism

If you want to lose weight and are about to follow our Body Blitz Beach plan, then also take a couple of minutes to look at our five top tips for boosting your metabolism. Nobody can shed pounds without effort, but you can give yourself a helping hand and make the process a little bit easier by giving these tips a go.

Combine them with our delicious calorie-controlled eating plan, a regular 30-minute brisk walk each day and some strength training exercises, and you will be optimising your calorie burn and speeding up the rate at which pounds begin to fall off.

Eat by the clock. Eating regular meals throughout the day means that your metabolism ticks away nicely without going into ‘starvation mode’ when it slows down the calories you burn in case the lack of food is going to continue and you need to conserve your body stores. Plan ahead so that if you think you may miss a main meal like lunch, you always have something with you to keep you going.

Prioritise protein. At each meal, try to have a good portion of protein. Your body uses up more calories digesting protein rich foods than it does to digest carbohydrate or fatty foods. It is also more filling, so eating protein, like lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, pulses or tofu first, can help you to burn more calories and eat less overall.

Throw in some chillies. Research shows that adding chilli sauce to your meals revs up your metabolism. Scientists from Oxford Brookes University suggest you get a rise of around 15 per cent for a couple of hours after eating, while other work reveals a boost of up to almost 25 per cent for thirty minutes after eating.

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