The Body Clock Diet

Passport to health!
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Being aware of daily rhythms can also help you to gain control of your eating and get into shape this spring. If you are a natural "lark" you will probably fancy breakfast early on, so tuck into a healthy and filling bowl of porridge or a couple of eggs on toast. If on the other hand you are an "owl", plan ahead and have something like fruit and Greek yoghurt or a healthy oat bar a few hours into the day so that you don’t fall on the biscuit tin mid-morning but can get through till lunch minus a blow-out.

To help reduce the mid-afternoon energy dip meanwhile, try to have a slightly greater emphasis on the protein part of your meal at lunch, basing your meal for example around chicken, fish, pulses or tofu. At the same time, opt for small servings of slower release carbohydrates like sweet potato, pasta or pitta and add vegetables and fruit to give bulk minus excess calories.

Research suggests this style of eating will be less draining on energy levels mid-way through the afternoon than had you tucked into a carb-rich lunch, big in rice, bread or potatoes.

Meanwhile, a judicious cup of tea of coffee, which provides a caffeine hit can also help you to focus in that afternoon period of time. Combine this with a snack of dark chocolate or nuts to help iron-out craving for biscuits and cakes, which often happen at this time of the day.