Ten Top Tips For Eating Healthily

Passport to health!
  1. Plan, plan, plan. If buying the right house is about location, location, location, then eating well is about planning, planning, and planning. This is especially the case when you are juggling eating well with shift patterns
  2. Choose 1% fat or skimmed milk when you can.
  3. Wholemeal and granary breads tend to feel more satisfying. If you can opt for these where possible, do try to.
  1. Eggs have been proven to be an especially filling food and are not high in calories. You can have two for breakfast, lunch or dinner and reap their 'filling' qualities. Scientists believe that it is the protein in the egg, which is especially filling and helps to keep you feeling full for hours after eating them. The cholesterol in eggs does not make your own blood cholesterol levels rise or up your risk of heart disease so you do not need to worry about the old advice of sticking with just 2 - 3 per week.
  2. When you have fruit juices, remember that 150ml is the serving you should be going for. This is equivalent to one serving of fruit and vegetables as part of your '5 a Day' and means that you are not falling into the trap of glugging down a litre's-worth or more.