A new generation of rapeseed oil

A new generation of rapeseed oil

Essent-oilTM is a new rapeseed oil with enhanced health benefits and we are delighted to report that we are the first caterers to use it.

With one third less saturated fat than sunflower oil and less than half that of olive oil or corn oil, Essent-oil comes from our existing rapeseed oil producers, the Cotswold-based company, R-Oil.

One of the key improvements is that levels of Omega 6 essential fats have been reduced to provide a healthier balance with Omega 3s.

We are glad to report that it has been enthusiastically welcomed by our chefs who say that it has a more pleasant aroma, no after taste, and its vibrant, amber colour makes it very visually appealing on the salad bar.

Its also had that all-important seal of approval from Amanda Ursell, who said: In my view, the switch is a good move for the nutritional health of customers. All rapeseed oils give us a mix of important Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fats. While we definitely benefit nutritionally from Omega 6 essential fats, over the last 100 years, our diets have changed dramatically in composition.

"By eating more Omega 6-rich oils like sunflower, soy and corn oil which is used in everything from cooking oils and spreads to products like biscuits, cakes and ready meals, our ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 has become out of kilter. We now have twenty to thirty times more of the former compared to the latter."

"Essent-oil has taken a step in the direction by helping to rebalance this ratio by lowering its Omega 6 content."