Detox Demystified

Passport to health!
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Typical Menu

  • * Breakfast: Porridge with sliced banana / two poached eggs with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms / fruit salad with low fat Greek yoghurt and sunflower seeds
  • * Snack: Two squares dark chocolate and a pear
  • * Lunch: Wholegrain wrap with tuna and salad / Chicken salad with brown rice or quinoa / lentil and vegetable bread with wholemeal roll
  • * Snack: 50g of cashew nuts, peanuts or almonds and an apple or pear
  • * Dinner: Chicken casserole with boiled potatoes / chickpea curry with wholegrain rice / lean steak with baked potato and roasted vegetables
  • * Drinks: Decaffeinated teas and coffees / herbal teas / water

When the 'weed' stage of your detox is complete, the focus shifts to the 'seed' element; this transitional stage carrying you from detox to a lower-tox lifestyle.

It gradually 'sows' the seeds of good health, and takes you onto a healthy eating plan that you can keep up during the year ahead. This is much easier to achieve if you have approached the first weeks of your detox as a pathway to a healthier future.

So, if you do feel like adding caffeine back into your day, try to keep tabs on your intakes. Ask for just one-shot of coffee in coffee bars (most put two shots into cappuccinos and lattes) and keep caffeine-containing drinks for the mornings so that they don't disrupt your sleep patterns.